The Ensemble Vocal Ganymède, whose members come mainly but not exclusively from the Montréal gay community was created in 1991 by Yvan Sabourin, its current music director. The choir's mission is to present the classical male-voice repertoire; the better to raise awareness of this music and to provide an image of openness and respect.

During these 20 years, Ganymède has distinguished itself by participating in numerous cultural events including the parade on St. Jean-Baptiste (1992) and several vigils in memory of those who have died of AIDS. L’Ensemble has featured on the mainstream musical scene by participating in several competitions: the Festival Choral de Montréal (Special Jury Prize, 1994, First Prize in the category “Advanced Choirs” in 1995 and 1997), the National Music Festival (official representatives of Québec on the jury’s recommendation of the Festival Choral de Montréal, 1997), the Festival International du Chant Choral de Trois-Rivières (finalist, 1997; invited choir, 1998) and Podium, 1996 et 2002 editions. In 2006, Ganymède won the gold medal at the Festival of Choirs section of the Outgames in Montréal. In 2007, the Choir flew to France and gave concerts in Paris, Lyon and Vai-Sound-la-Romaine while in 2009, the choir was welcomed by the Maine Gay Men's Chorus in Portland for a joint concert. In the summer of 2010, Ganymède was selected to compete in the International Choral Festival of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, where they received the special award for diversity to highlight their efforts in integrating minorities.

On two occasions, Ganymède has hosted prestigious choral gatherings: the Choralies du Rallye des Arts du Centre-Sud de Montréal (1996) and the Gala Choruses (2004), the largest cultural event in the gay world.

The Choir has made three recordings: one for Disques A Tempo (best recording from this record label, 1995), and two for ATMA (1996) and O Vos Omnes, in 2011.

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